8. the Cauldron


The Rascal seeks refuge with the three sisters, stirring the cauldron with their three giant spoons, taking turns tasting and adding ingredients. These women are the Midwife, the Herbalist, and the Healer. They take all comers, even Rascals being pursued by a rabid crowd. The cauldron was sacred, and its sanctuary was held in high esteem. However, such was the affrontery against the Maiden, that the crowd wanted blood. The Healer went out to find the Maiden immediately, the other two held the Rascal away from the clutches of the lynch mob.

The Healer returned for her supplies to helps the Maiden, rather shaken up, distressed by what she had seen done. She arrived to find the sanctuary destroyed, the Midwife and Herbalist missing, the cauldron cracked, spilled and empty.

In some versions, the Cauldron is missing, not the Well, owing to this particular episode.

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