2. Bison


After children have children, the land is takes in manure and feeds seeds, tubers, fungi, into a network of food-producing fields.

Person had been pulling on the plough made from the Gamecock’s spur which can cut through anything. They were feeding the animals as well as people. Squirrel planted forests, Beaver made fish ponds, Bison kept the plain trim and flat. Person planted Bison’s favourite grasses a few days from the village. Years pass, Bison comes closer to the village, making hunting easier, but that wasn’t Person’s intention.

Person made a deal with Bison. Person asked Bison to draw the plough across the field in the spring. It would be done in no time, because Bison is so strong. And feel free to leave as much manure as you like. In return, we’ll make sure there’s lots of yummy grass for you.

Bison thinks on it, and runs for a few days to think on it some more. The grass there was tasty grass, tender. I’ll try it and see. Just for a day.

Next time Bison snacks on that tasty, tender grass, Person approaches. Hey there Bison, nice to see you again. Have you thought about our offer? Bison says, I’ll try it for one day, and then tell you my decision. Person considers it, and says, Well, once you get started, you’ll find it so easy. I’m sure it will be just like walking.

So they measure Bison for a harness, attach the spur-plough to try it out. Bison doesn’t like the feel of the harness, and walking is too slow. Bison speeds up but it drags the plough which apparently isn’t how it works. Bison can’t find anything to eat.

Later, when the sun is high in the sky, Peson won’t unharness Bison, so that Bison can go find some shade to lie in. Bison jumps and bucks wildly, flinging the spur that can cut anything about unpredictably. Bison runs away, the harness still half attached, drags the plough.

Person sets out on horses, Bison is easy to find. Person ropes, subdues and castrates Bison, brings Bison back to the field, attaches a repaired harness and plough.

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