theAbysmal Calendar ~ Chromatic Counter

Tallying Time.

theAbysmal Calendar features a linear count of seconds, Days, Lunations and Years in order to more easily translate between different calendar systems. This is simply a renumbering using Unix Time and the Julian Date, two existing linear counts of seconds and days respectively.

Southern Solstice: December 21st 2012 CE, 11:12 UTC
second 0: midnight over 180° longitude December 21st 2012 CE (more precisely 11:12 UTC)
Day 0: December 21st 2012 CE
Week 0: Saturday Demcember 22nd 2012 CE
Lunation 0: December 13th 2012 CE to January 10th 2013 CE
Year 0: December 21st 2012 CE to December 20th 2013 CE

The following cycles will be recorded using lunar months as the organizing structure. As the lunar cycle doesn’t follow a rigidly regular cycle in relation to the days and the year, it follows a highly obvious regular cycle in terms of natural phenomena. So with the linear count of seconds, Days, Lunar Months, the following planetary cycles

Planetary Synodic Periods
Mercury Cycle 0: November 17th 2012 to March 3rd 2013
Venus Cycle 0: June 6th 2012 to January 10th 2014
Mars Cycle 0: February 4th 2011 to April 17th 2013
Jupiter Cycle 0: May 13th 2012 to June 18th 2013
Saturn Cycle 0: October 25th 2012 to November 5th 2013
Uranus Cycle 0: March 24th 2012 to March 28th 2013
Neptune Cycle 0: February 19th 2012 to February 20th 2012

Minor Planetary Synodic Cycles
Ceres Cycle 0: April 26th 2012 to August 17th 2013
Pluto Cycle 0: December 29th 2011 to December 30th 2012
Haumea Cycle 0: October 12th 2012 to October 12th 2013
Makemake Cycle 0: September 21st 2012 to September 21st 2013
Eris Cycle 0: April 11th 2012 to April 11th 2013

Solar Cycle 0: January 8th 2008 to c. 2020.

Other periodic events such as comets, eclipses, meteor showers, etc. can be incorporated.

theAbysmal Calendar
Perpetual 13-Month Calendar
Lunisolar Calendar
Calendar Symbolism

Chromatic Counter
Historical Eras

Astronomical Facts
Abbreviations & Notation
Arguments for Calendar Reform
theAbysmal Calendar for Download

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