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“The material of myth is the material of our life, the material of our body, and the material of our environment, and a living, vital mythology deals with these in terms that are appropriate to the nature of the knowledge of time.” — Joseph Campbell

theAbysmal Calendar – Rethink, Reform, Revolute

theAbysmal Calendar is designed to replace the Gregorian Calendar as the calendar shared by the world (but people are still free to continue using it, of course). Advantages include:

  • It is simpler:  users can schedule from memory
  • It is healthier: it is aligned to the solstices and equinoxes, and includes the lunar month
  • It is regular: months, quarters and years are always the same number of weeks/days
  • It is global: translation between solar, lunar, solilunar and market calendars has never been easier
  • It is multicultural: months, lunations and years are marked by numbers and can be named as tickles your fancy
  • It is long-term: decades, centuries, millennia and the precession of the equinoxes are part of its cycles
  • It is more accurate: a revised, simpler leap year rule and astronomical observations keep it on track


Why theAbysmal?

Nothing’s better.

The abyss is everything we don’t know, and can’t know. It is darkness. The days, weeks, lunations, and year begin in darkness. The day begins at midnight, the week on Saturday (Saturn was a dark deity), the lunation at the New Moon, the year at the winter solstice (in the northern hemisphere). Beginnings are inherently from darkness: our lives began in the watery darkness of the womb; life from the ocean; the universe from darkest space.

Rather than providing for our spiritual well being, the challenge now is to establish a calendar for use in a worldwide global community.

“As our need for shared intercultural transactions, travel and communication grows, so does our need for a simple, accurate and universal calendar system. … an international calendar and timekeeping system could be devised, that would spare international relationships the confusion of the current timekeeping Tower of Babel. On the other hand, the rich variety of the earth’s many different cultural, national and religious groups would be able to continue joyously celebrating their distinctiveness in the way they wish.

“The search for a unique identity, either religious, cultural or political, as expressed through special calendars, would give way to the search for a new international identity reflecting and confirming that the world and its people are an interdependent global community.” –Margo Westrheim

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