theAbysmal Shape of Time

18 December 2016

If only I knew how to CGI.

I imagine, if I were able to animate theAbysmal Calendar as a visualization, I would begin with a string of days. Each day would be represented by a sphere, and they would stretch off ahead and backwards indefinitely. If you chose to look at the lunar cycles, then the days would form loops of 29 or 30 days out of the line. If we tie those to the year, the there are 12 or 13 of those loops for every year. If we measure the Metonic Cycle, then there’s another loop every 19 years.

That’s one example. ┬átheAbysmal would be highly variable within the year, however, if we organize our year as the Maya by orders of 20, we get 20 day loop, 18 of those in a year (minus 5 leap days), then 20 years, 400 years, 8000, 160000, etc. It would be a similar effect to DNA supercoiling. A coil made up of coils made up of coils made up of…

And if theAbysmal behaves like DNA in this respect, in what other ways can they be linked?

mycelium - theAbysmal Color

DNA animations

26 August 2012

The wonders of DNA and computing continue.

Back in the day, some decades back, I could have used the following video when I was studying biology. Static pictures were only so helpful when it came to describing the supercoiling and replication.

here’s an earlier one.

117 Days to Dec 21st 2012