Boxing Day

26 December 2011

Or, how to beat people up legally and get paid for it – maybe it has something to do with bargain hunting run amok.

That’s all I got for today.

Enjoy the post-triptophan dolor.

Year 10~IV Lunation 0

16 December 2009

theAbysmal Countdown to 12~21~2012 continues with the first Lunation of a New Year

theAbysmal Calendar’s countdown to the Winter Solstice in 2012, and the official launch of theAbysmal Calendar sees a few changes from the previous incarnations of this countdown.

The Lunation displays the days remaning until Day 0 (Dec 21st 2012). Also, starting Dec 22nd 2009, theAbysmal Calendar will align theAbysmal weekdays with the Gregorian weekdays in hopes of avoiding unnecessary confusion.

Have a safe and joyous Winter.

Month 12 Year 8~XIV

21 November 2008

last Month of the Year ~ 208 Weeks until 2012.


Here’s looking forward to the Year shedding it’s skin to begin again.

Month 11 Day 4 coincides with the New Moon that begins Lunation 0 for the upcoming Year 9~XIX.

Day 27, the last Friday of the Year bears 9~XIX, the same as that for the upcoming Year.  The numbers progress from 1~13, and the glyphs between IV, IX, XIV, X.

Year 8-XIV Month 1

12 January 2008

theAbysmal Countdown to 2012: 4 weeks down, 256 to go


Noteworthy Days & Nights:

NEW 13-Day period begins
Monday 1-VI
Month 1 Day 2
Lunation 1 Day 13

Tuesday 2-VII
Month 1 Day 3
Lunation 1 Day 14

NEW 13-Day period begins
Sunday 1-XIX
Month 1 Day 15
Lunation 1 Day 26

MIDDAY of Quarter 0
NEW XX-Glyph period begins
Tuesday 3-I
Month 1 Day 17
Lunation 1 Day 28

NEW MOON – Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese Lunar New Year
Thursday 5-III
Month 1 Day 19
Lunation 2 Day 0