Year 3 Month 12

22 November 2016


Year 3 Wheel of the Year

3 November 2016


Couple of points about theAbysmal Wheel of the Year. The dates after Feb 29th fall one day earlier. In a regular year, Mid-Quarters fall on May 7th, Aug 6th, and Nov 5th. Same with the Equinoxes and Northern Solstice.

The other point is that these Mid-Quarter days signify something for those of us in higher latitudes where the length of days changes enough to be noticed. Today, for example, the fast change in the length of days (from Aug 5th to Nov 4th with the fastest rate of change around the Equinox) comes to an end and the long nights of Winter set in until Feb 5th.

In the Southern Hemisphere, of course this is reversed, such that now we come to the end of the rapid change of lengthening days to the bright, long days of Summer until Feb 5th.

It also (did I say a couple of points?) falls midway during the American festivals of All Souls Day to Remembrance Day (Oct 30 to Nov 11), along with Halloween, Samhain, the various Days of the Dead that celebrate the end of the harvest with images of the dead (in the Northern Hemisphere). This is an ancient tradition, and as we’ve seen with the Christmas tree, old habits die hard.

Year 3 Moon 11

29 October 2016


Year 3 House 6

28 October 2016


Year 3 Month 11

24 October 2016


Year 3 Moon 10

30 September 2016


Year 3 Month 10

26 September 2016