Year 3 Southern Solstice

22 December 2015

theAbysmal Wheel of the Year starts us rolling rolling rolling…

theAbysmal Wheel of the Year is simply a result of dividing the year into 364 calendar days, plus one day outside the calendar days, plus the periodic leap year day which is also outside the calendar days.

The New Year’s Day is meant to fall on or about the Southern Solstice. This year qualifies as an “about” year, as the solstice falls today, just after the new moon. Interesting year ahead for us, methinks.

The calendar divides these 364 days into four quarters of 91 days each. Each of the quarters can be further divided into two eighths of the year (or periods of 45 days) provided that one day be excluded (as we do with the new and leap year days). So, the midpoint of each quarter are equivalent as you can see below to Feb 5, May 7, Aug 6, Nov 5. These dates roughly coincide with the neo-pagan dates for major holidays Nov 1, Feb 2, May 1, Aug 1.

Each of these four dates mark a certain turning point in the course of the sun’s journey throughout the year (at least as seen from earth). Feb 5 notes the shift when the sun’s journey north accelerates, and the change in amount of daylight (for those of us in higher latitudes) changes by more and more each day, with the greatest change in and around the Equinox (again, depends at which latitude you live). May 7, the rate of change has slowed again, and the longer days linger. Certainly above the polar circles. Aug 6, the days shorten, and increase the rate of change until Nov 5, when the long dark days linger through to Feb 5.

I know I’m laying a very thick high- northern latitude bias on this, however, the opposite seasons can be said to take place, although I don’t think the higher southern latitudes have near the population as the higher northern ones. Regardless, in global terms, the apparent position of the sun overhead (for those living between the tropics) throughout the year: from southern tropic to equator to northern tropic and back.


These mid-quarter days play an important role in other aspects of the calendar.


Year 2 Saturn 3

1 December 2015

Cycle 3 takes 376 days.

Year 2 Month 12

23 November 2015


Here’s the end of another year. There are some traditions afoot that I would like to reintroduce. Beginning with Day 22 (that’s december 15), each day represents a month in the coming year. So, Day 22 is Month 0, Day 23 = Month 1, Day 24 = Month 2, etc. New Year’s Day = Month 6 (at the exact opposite time of year), and this continues it to the New Year until Year 3 Month 0 Day 5, which of course represents this here final Month 12. Do you remember what Year 2 Month 0 Day 5 predicted for you for this month?

Me neither. However, it is a common trait at new years among a wide variety of the world’s peoples.

Year 2 Lunation 11

11 November 2015


Year 2 Midquarter 3

5 November 2015


Year 2 House 6

30 October 2015


Here we are at the final House of the year. Intersting that it begins on or about Halloween/Samhain (at least in the Northern Hemisphere)/Days of the Dead, etc. and ends with the New Year at the southern solstice.

This whole period is my favourite time of year in the part of the world where I am, as the nights encroach on the day, the squirrels are fluffier than usual, and out enĀ  masse, the spiders are weaving huge egg sacks (bus shelters are popular – who says spiders can’t read?), the pumpkins come in from harvest, and the scarecrow is that last thing standing in the field. Likely crow-ravaged on top of it.

Interesting, considering this isn’t the time of year I was born or conceived.

Year 2 Month 11

26 October 2015