Year 1 Market Weeks

22 December 2013

Today marks the first day of the theAbysmal Calendar Year, and also the beginning of the Week, 13~Day Fortnight, and Market Weeks.

Market Weeks are a catch-all term for time periods of different duration, in this case from the 2~Day market week up to the 20~Day market week. How can all these days be fit into the perpetual year? With a simple trick of mathematics.The same way that the 364~Day Year skips the New Year Day to create a year of even numbers of Weeks and Fortnights, the market weeks fit into a 360~Day Year that skips the New Year Day as well as the four Mid-Quarter Days. This allows the greatest number of market weeks to fit into the perpetual calendar year (although we could fit market weeks longer than 20 Days as well).

Dividing the 360~Day Year evenly looks like this:

There are a great number of possibilities. All~in~all, theAbysmal Calendar has 15 different Market Weeks. Click on the links below to see how each aligns itself with the Gregorian Calendar. For the sake of avoiding clutter, I won’t be posting the beginning of each new market week.

Market Weeks to Gregorian Dates: