Make every second count

9 December 2008

The Year in Secondary Moments reported:
Extra second to make 2008 even longer

theAbysmal Calendar will likewise have to account for Leap Years (as 2008 is) and Leap Seconds (which have been added occasionally to ensure that the Gregorian CE Calendar and the atomic clock all work together in harmony).


A typical Year
365 Days x 86400 seconds/Day = 31,536,000 s/Year

A Leap Year
366 Days x 86400 s/Day = 31,622,400 s/Year

+ 1 Leap Second = 31,622,401 seconds for 2008

Any such adjustments, such as Leap Weeks, Leap Days, Leap seconds can be added at the end of any given Year, between the last Friday of one Year and the first Saturday of the next. This allows theAbysmal Calendar to remain one of the most accurate (in terms of its alignment with the Earth’s orbit and the Seasons), yet retaining a perpetual annual structure of Weeks, Months and Quarters.

theAbysmal is the Calendar that Japanese swordmakers would have made: it combines the qualities of strength (i.e. the perpetual structure of 52~Weeks) and flexibility (allows for Leap Year Days and seconds and so on without disrupting the perpetual 52~Week structure).

Month 12 Year 8~XIV

21 November 2008

last Month of the Year ~ 208 Weeks until 2012.


Here’s looking forward to the Year shedding it’s skin to begin again.

Month 11 Day 4 coincides with the New Moon that begins Lunation 0 for the upcoming Year 9~XIX.

Day 27, the last Friday of the Year bears 9~XIX, the same as that for the upcoming Year.  The numbers progress from 1~13, and the glyphs between IV, IX, XIV, X.

Year 8~XIV Lunation 11

28 October 2008

Year 8~XIV Month 11

27 October 2008

44 weeks past, 216 yet to pass until 21~12~2012

Year 8~XIV Lunation 10

28 September 2008


Year 8~XIV Month 10

28 September 2008

40 Weeks Done, 220 to go ~ the Countdown to December 21st 2012 continues


Year 8~XIV Month 9

31 August 2008

36 Weeks Completed ~ 224 to go to 12~21~2012


a point of interest: 9/11, the ninth month (September) and eleventh day align with theAbysmal Calendar’s Month 9 Day 11. This was not an intentional aspect of the Calendar. This date is also the first day of the Coptic & Eritrean Calendars (in non-leap years).