Our Way Ahead

9 July 2016

This Past Week Puts Us All to the Test

I don’t have much to offer regarding the recent events of the killing of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, the many many deaths of other people of colour a the hands of police and law enforcement, as well as the escalation of tensions with the killing of police officers in Dallas.

This is a time to listen, really,  to people of colour who, once again, demand that we take action against the racialized killing that, despite growing  coverage, continues.

It’s up to us to listen, and in listening to understand, and in understanding to sympathize and empathize, and in empathizing, to act in concert, in solidarity, with compassion for our siblings in order to deconstruct the system that perpetuates this horrorshow.

For those of us removed from the front lines, it is imperative that we enter the conversation, not as spectators with ill-informed, hastily repeated opinions, but as witnesses, open to taking action where it is needed.

#BlackLivesMatter – let’s all of us act like it.

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