Cutest Factory Farm Ever

5 July 2016

yet, still horrifying.

As a friend of mine explained how, as a vegetarian, he thinks of eating meat as “bathing in the blood of children.”

Boy, those animated pigs sure are cute.

Earth’s Orbit and Time

9 July 2015

There are changes and then there are changes.

by the way, the only fact I would consider incorrect  is that the day and night are equal at the equinox. This date varies depending on the line of latitude at which you live. True story.

Ineffable Video of Earth from Space

19 November 2014

Helical Model of the Solar System

7 March 2013

since the Heliocentric model is somewhat dated.

Pretty neato visuals.

And Bad Astronomy‘s debunking of the above videos – ah science and art, can’t you both be friends and agree to disagree?

the Secret Powers of Time

22 November 2012

Time Perspectives shape culture and national character.

A wonderful summary on how one’s perspective of time shapes behaviour, and determines how well one fits into a culture.

Can’t embed for some reason, so here’s the link.

Story of Life in Photographs

8 November 2012

I’ve been trying to find this particular TED talk since I had initially stumbled upon it. Fortunately, I stumbled on it again.

Here, Frans Lanting shares the story of life told through his photography.


check out his LIFE project

Waste not…

28 September 2012

…feed the world.

Previous post: How did all this stuff get here. (incl. link to The Story of Stuff)

I’ve just started reading Waste by Tristram Stuart, in which he documents his investigation (chiefly in the UK, but relevant for North America as well) into the waste of food. It makes the claims that GMOs are necessary to feed the world moot, as with a more efficient food chain, we can already feed the entire world and then some. Considering our global food chain is global, there is no excuse not to (but boy do people come up with some creative attempts).

Tristram Stuart’s Waste web site