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19 April 2007

external links to sources of note

the elegant universe
The Official String Theory Website
Beyond String Theory
Superstring Theory Homepage
Introduction to Superstring Theory by John H Shwarz
Duality, Spacetime and Quantum Mechanics
Calabi-Yau Homepage
NASA’s page on supersrings
The Second Superstring Revolution
Library of H-Alexandria

string theory
superstring theory
the elegant universe
list of string theory topics
Calabi-Yau manifold

animated knots
wikipedia’s list of knots
quipu, and Incan time-keeping device
Decorative Knotwork (E. Asia)
Celtic Knot

December Solstice 2012

22 March 2007

Links to do with the Mayan End Date

Ask an Astronomer: re – 2012

NASA – 2004 and 2012 transits of Venus

Countdown to and Background on 2012

John Major Jenkins, 1994 Why 2012?

Jonathan McGregor Bethel 2012 Eschaton

London UK Olympics 2012

All About 2012

December 21 2012

Apocalypse 2012

Library of H Alexandria

The Year 2012 Blog

Wilson’s Almanac on 2012
and 2012 links

Diagnosis 2012
star-map-to-ground correlation at Giza in 2012

Great Pyramid of Giza as 2012 indicator
astronomical phenomena in 2012

2012 Web Ring

Galactic Connections

7 March 2007

Aztec, Aries to Pisces, Peter Paul Rubens, Benjamin Franklin, Jean Limburg
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from Ammawell’s fine art collection:

The Milky Way, by Peter Paul Rubens

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from Mexico Lore

The face on the headdress belongs to the Star Dragon, which represents the Milky Way.

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from the American Library of Congress

Benjamin Franklin’s chart of the zodiac mapped to the body

Aligning the I-Ching with the Lunation of the Moon, Sunspot Cycles & Precession of the Equinoxes

4 March 2007

Cycles of 384, 64 and 13.

for the purposes of numerology in the exercise below
a Lunation takes 29.53 Days measured from the New Moon
a minor Sunspot Cycle takes approximately 11.2 Years measured from the minimum number of sunspots.
a Day’s a day and a Year’s a year.

Using the mathematical equation:

6 x 64 = 384 Days

* where 6 = the lines of the I-Ching hexagram
* where 64 = the number of hexagrams represented by the I-Ching
* where 384 = both the number of lines represented by the I-Ching, and the number of Days in 13 Lunations

6 x 64 x 64 = 24 576 Days
= 13 x 64 Lunations
= 6 minor Sunspot Cycle
(~ 67 Years 104.25 Days)

6 x 64 x 64 x 64 = 1 572 864 Days
= 13 x 64 x 64 Lunations
= 6 x 64 = 384 minor Sunspot Cycles = 13 ???
(~4 306 Years)

6 x 64 x 64 x 64 x 6 = 9 437 184 Days
= 13 x 64 x 64 x 6 = 384 x 64 x 13 Lunations
= 384 x 64 minor Sunspot Cycles
= 1 Precession of the Equinoxes
(~25, 836 Years)

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Sunspot Links
from the National  Geophysical Data Center (NGDC)
NOAA Satellite and Information Service
list of ancient sunspot observations from 165 BC to 1684 AD
the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (SIDC)

from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
solar physics
the sun in time
solar cycle prediction
space weather
sunspot numbers

Moon Cycle

Tracing the Moon through History
Fourmilab’s Calendar conversion page

Chinese Calendar from Julian Date 758 325
Wednesday March 8 2637 BCE (Julian Proleptic Calendar)

Hebrew Calendar from Julian Date 347 997
Monday October 7 3761 BCE (Julian Proleptic Calendar)

Islamic Calendar from Julian Date 1 948 436
Tuesday July 16, 622 CE (Gregorian Calendar)

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Other links of interest:

NASA’s Calendar Page
The Moon and Ancient Calendars
Martindale’s Calculators on-Line Center – Astrophysics, astronomy & space science

World’s Oldest Solar Eclipse on Record – 3340 BC
“The Irish Neolithics used a 4044.5 day lunar eclipse cycle which is broken up into 365 days x 11 years + 29.5 days (synodic lunar month). This is also similar to a Tritos/Nova Lunation combination of one Tritos cycle of 3986.63 days and two nova lunations of 29.53 days each, yielding a total of 4045.69 days”

Aztec Calendar and Aztec Sun Stone Links

1 March 2007

geometry of the planetary motions carved into the geometry of negative space

good introduction to the Aztec Sun Stone and the Aztec Calendar
wikipedia’s entry – generally a good starting point

mysteries of the fifth sun
A history of an ancient civilization etched in stone.
The Aztec sun stone
geometry, Venus, Mars Earth and the Aztec Sun Stone

Month 0 Day 2 – new link

24 December 2006

Venus, 584 Days, Pentagram

Explanation of the 584 Day Cycle of Venus, and the Points of the Pentragram it Draws in the Sky from the Grand Masonic Lodge of British Columbia and the Yukon

Time and Health

13 November 2006

The Next Cycle – a Pre-logue.

TheAbysmal Year -7: Gregorian Year December 22 2005 – December 20 2006, has seen the development of a 13-Month Calendar to Re-form the International Standard Measure of Days to replace the Gregorian Calendar. The structure of the 13-Month Calendar was used to schedule the development of this project.

TheAbysmal Year -6: Dec 22 2006 – Dec 20 2007
the intention is to develop a cohesive holistic model of time, health, and urban living, with the Reform Calendar’s structure as the skeleton upon the which is to rest.

Most of the information contained herein was principally inspired by the Mayan Factor, by Jose Arguelles, the Tortuga and Law of Time 13-Moon change for peace movements. A holistic model of healthy living, within the limits of our environment, with the calendar as the central structure in the name of Peace, has been developed, and continues to grow.

TheAbysmal Reform Calendar seeks to use the structure of the most eloquently constructed Calendar system to offer as the International Standard, while still allowing for localised & individualised names for months, glyphs, years, and so on.

The New Year shall see the investigation of Human Development from Birth through Death, and mapping it onto the calendar, as well as creating a holistic model of dietary and preventative health based on diet, the time of year, the amount of daylight and so on, as with Chinese Traditional Medicine, Ayurveda and Macrobiotic Diets.

More recipes, particularly with fresh herbs, seeds, and flowers.

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2230 Days until Inception