Year 3 Moon 1

10 January 2016

Lunation, Moon, Lunar Month


29 days this one.

most notably:
Day 5 (jan 15) – Mercury passes inferior conjunction, beginning Mercury’s 10 cycle
Day 14 (jan 24) – Full Moon

As with the 13 months of the year, there are stories associated with each month. As I haven’t written everything out, there are only rough sketches for the time being. Here’s the version of 1. the Plough.


Year 2 Lunation 11

11 November 2015


Year 2 Lunation 10

13 October 2015


Pardon my poor design skills, however, here we have the Muslim new year, which begins with the first of the twelve lunar months. May your year yield greater joys than you ever could have imagined.

Year 2 Lunation 9

13 September 2015

Y2-L9And here we have the month of Tishri, the first two days of which is Rosh Hoshanah, the Jewish New Year. May you ever be the noisiest celebrants of all that is great and joyous.

Year 2 Lunation 8

14 August 2015

Y2-L8You may notice the names of planets come up once in a while, as above with Venus 2. This refers to the synodic period of the planet i.e. the time it takes to travel from a fixed point in the sky around its path and back to that point as seen from earth. This is different that its orbital period. As with the moon. It takes the moon 27-28 days to orbit the earth, but it takes 29.53 days for it to go from new moon to full to new.

Here’s Venus at the equivalent of new moon, where the planet is invisible, as it passes between the Earth and Sun. It takes about 584 days for Venus to return to inferior conjunction again.

Year 2 Lunation 7

16 July 2015


Year 2 Lunation 6

16 June 2015

Y2-L6Here we have the lunar month Ramadan, when devout muslims who are able fast during daylight hours. Nothing passes their lips including water. What is unfortunate for those who are practicing in higher latitudes, is that this is the period of time when the day lasts about 16 hours (I’m not sure how they would have to adjust to living in the high arctic during 24 hours of sunlight – I suspect one would have to default to Mecca time at that point).

For those fasting, praying for peace, and gathering with family, I wish you all tranquil solace.