Year 3 House 0

21 December 2015

 (dec 22 – feb 11)


Houses are a less developed aspect of theAbysmal Calendar, however, they are another tool to be used.

Similar to the four-week month, the house is a collection of four 13-day periods (not yet decisively named anything). As a result there are 7 houses in a year, each house is 52 days long.

Day 0 – Southern Solstice
Day 3 – Full Moon
Day 10 – Gregorian and other New Years
Day 11 – Perihelion

Day 23 – Julian New Year

Day 48 – Chinese and Vietnamese New Years

Year 2 House 6

30 October 2015


Here we are at the final House of the year. Intersting that it begins on or about Halloween/Samhain (at least in the Northern Hemisphere)/Days of the Dead, etc. and ends with the New Year at the southern solstice.

This whole period is my favourite time of year in the part of the world where I am, as the nights encroach on the day, the squirrels are fluffier than usual, and out en  masse, the spiders are weaving huge egg sacks (bus shelters are popular – who says spiders can’t read?), the pumpkins come in from harvest, and the scarecrow is that last thing standing in the field. Likely crow-ravaged on top of it.

Interesting, considering this isn’t the time of year I was born or conceived.

Year 2 House 5

8 September 2015


Year 2 House 4

18 July 2015


Year 2 House 3

27 May 2015


Here we have the House which falls midway through the year. 3 Houses precede it, and 3 Houses follow it. Furthermore, the middle of House 3 occurs at the midway point of theAbysmal 364-day on or about the northern solstice. Notice the same occurs with Month 6, midway through the year.

Year 2 House 2

5 April 2015


Year 2 House 1

12 February 2015