Original Vegetarian Recipes from Scratch – disproportionate amounts of mushrooms, eggplant and rolled things.

Fermented Foods
braised tempeh in black bean sauce
pico de gallo
salsa verde
Gim Chi
Kim Chi
Aji Amarillo Hot Sauce

Spice Powders, Curries
Thai Satay Sauce
Thai Green Curry paste
Thai Red Curry paste
recado rojo
cheating peppersoup spice powder
Nigerian peppersoup spice powder
Molé – experiment #3
Molé – experiment #2
Molé – experiment #1
Magnificent Molé
advieh 2
advieh 3
advieh 4
smoked chili powder
ras el hanout
west indies curry powder
singapore curry powder
indian curry powder (narrows it down)
sinhalese dark curry powder
southwest indian curry powder
cape of good hope curry powder
malawi curry powder
sambal bajak
harissa #1
trinidad & tobago curry paste
Martinique curry paste

Pasta Dough and the like
baked pasta with aji-cheese sauce
fresh pasta recipes – courtesy of the Cordon Bleu
mint pasta noodles
porcini pasta noodles
cracked pepper & lemon pasta dough
thyme, lemon, black pepper pasta dough
swiss chard pasta dough
cinnamon, turmeric & saffron pasta dough
hot pepper pasta dough
red wine and double peppercorn pasta dough
dill-fennel-grapefruit pasta noodles

Pasta & Noodles
Roasted Vegetable Lasagna
sweet potato pasta stuffing
lasagna lentil rolls
lasagna rolls with courgette-pepper stuffing
cajun ratatouille lasagna
baked smoky asparagus in pasta
yam spears in pasta
Caremalized Onions, Tomatoes, Okra on fusilli
soba in lime-tahini with mushroom sauce
farfalle for warm weather
Greek linguine
Greek yams and pasta
green tea soba noodle salad
crunchy noodles

Mushroom Dishes
comfort stew
morels and leeks on pasta
baked pasta shells stuffed with oyster mushrooms
lobster mushroom sauce on white truffle shells with toasted arame
soba with portabello fermented seasoning sauce
creamy mushroom lasagna rolls with tomato concasse
burgundy stewed mushrooms
shiitake mushrooms in red wine & chocolate sauce
oyster mushrooms rockefeller
chinese mushroom risotto
mushroom risotto and pine nut terrine
mushroom risotto
shiitake rice
Phyllo with mushrooms, brown & wild rice
porcini cream sauce
creamy cremini & porcini sauce
wild rice and mushroom sauce

Eggplant Dishes
Roasted Eggplant with Serious Onions
eggplant & pepper sauce lasagna
roasted eggplant with rotini
baked eggplant
baked marinated eggplant
roasted japanese eggplant in chocolate balsamic sauce

Americas’ Dishes
Salsa Hiuancaina
Peruvean aji-cheese sauce
achiiote-infused oil
rocoto rellenos
stuffed poblano peppers
Pastel de Choclo
Can-Mex lasagna
Huitlacoche with Poblano Cream Sauce
stuffed cubanelle peppers
smoked chili
vegan jambalaya
poblano cream sauce
anaheim pepper reduction
poblano pepper reduction
New Year’s salsa

Baked Dishes
Aumaizin stacks
super tasty vegetable stew
spicy red lentils with tomatoes
blue lentil stew
northwest african lentils
cabbage rolls
roasted cauliflower
kohlrabi in tomatoes with fresh herbs
sweet soya tempeh
garnet yams and pears
red cabbage and carrots with savoury applesauce
sweet tamari tofu
winter vegetable stew

Salads (salad rolls)
tempeh salad rolls
fennel-grapefruit salad rolls
basil-sundried tomato salad rolls
rapini & beet salad rolls with lime-sesame dressing
marinaded tofu salad rolls
tomato, fennel & tarragon salad
Quinoa Tabbouleh

tomato-spinach risotto
rapini risotto
mango fried rice
sweet teas papaya and lemongrass rice
Red Thai curry with lemon-lime rice
pepper-garlic tofu on grapefruit rose rice
persimmon sushi
Persian jewel rice

Bready Things
multi-whole grain bread
Rosemary and Rock Salt Foccaccia
foccaccia stuffed with concasse
fresh herb waffles
basic crepes

Stews, Soups & Stocks
roasted carrot soup
chili with black beans and niblets
Super Stew
West African Peanut Stew
Fennel and Potato Soup
Roasted Carrot Soup
lemongrass kaffir stock
Kitchen Sink Vegetable Bouillon
basic mushroom broth
dark mushroom stock 1
dark mushroom stock 2
herbal soup stock
coconut carrot and yam soup
creamy sweet potato coconut soup
Borscht 2
green gumbo
potato leek soup

Sauces, Dips, Marinades, Dressings
dill pesto
olive tapenade
basic tomato sauce
spiced balsamic reduction
perigueux sauce
sauce espagnole
labneh tzaziki
sour tomato concasse
Bolognese – Bolognaise
vegetable marinara
tomato cream sauce
mint pesto
peach sauce
sweet herbal sauce
savory cranberry-orange sauce
blueberry thyme sauce
Tahini-Miso-Lemon Sauce/Dressing
Bitter-Sour-Spicy-Fruity Sauce/Dressing
dipping sauce for rice fritters
shoyu-wasabi yogurt dip
pepper-garlic yogurt marinade
dill-mustard yogurt marinade
marinade for fennel

apple butter
stuffed dates
Brie-Cranberry Phyllo Rolls
puff pastry – courtesy of the Cordon Bleu
Pumpkin Pudding
pear-cranberry pastry
spiced chocolate banana bread

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