the Globalisation of Addiction

12 February 2017

a Study in Poverty of the Spirit.


the Globalisation of Addiction – a Study in Poverty of the Spirit by Bruce K. Alexander

Part I – Roots of Addiction in Free-market Society

Chapter 1 – Vancouver as Prototype

Despite enourmous efforts, the same great institutions of modernity could not, and still cannot, prevent alcoholism and other forms of addiction from growing and spreading. Neither legal prohibition, moral medicine, scientific medicine, psychoanalysis, Alcoholics Anonymous, counselling, compassionate love, tough love, behavioural managment, acupuncture, case management, therapeutic communities, civil commitment, eastern meditation, behavioural genetics, neuroscience, sophisticated advertising, antagonist drugs, psychedelic drugs, motivational interviewing, community reinforcement, treatment matching, harm reduction, nor any combination of these techniques has come close to overcoming alcoholism or any other type of addiction. Read the rest of this entry »

the Secret Powers of Time

2 February 2017

Phil Zimbardo provides some perspective on practical, interpersonal relativity.

Phil Zimbardo has written two very key books that has contributed to theAbysmal view of time and human nature: the Time Paradox and the Lucifer Effect.