Happy New Year

theAbysmal Year 4 begins today

Hope you have an enjoyable spin around the Sun.

It’s been awfully fun, but now we’ve got our work really cut out for us.

Today is opposite to Month 6, the peak of the Year. It is the ideal time to figure out what you want to accomplish, something to take a full year to figure out, and set that intention. Then spend the first 3 months figuring out the hows/whys/wherefores, the next 3 months cutting out the excess, the next month, i.e. Month 6, celebrating a month of the year’s equivalent to the Golden Age of history, the following 3 months figuring out what it was that you did to make that month so golden. The last 3 months writing it down, organizing one’s thoughts, then continuing with whatever that was, or starting something new the next year.

This is the way I’ve managed to take the rather dissatisfying January 1st New Year’s Resolution tradition, and transform it into an annual exercise in doing engaging things.

theAbysmal Year 4 (Year of the Forge) will see me:

  • get through Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain, and learn the basics of visual art. I’ve been meaning too for a while.
  • develop a visual English language (think Maya glyphs and Chinese logograms).
  • throw a Shut Up and Dance party on the Full Moon M1 D22 (Feb 10th)
  • facilitate creative storytelling workshops

I’m somewhere ruminating on this. I hope you will join me, wherever you are.

mycelium - theAbysmal Color


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