Resonance: Movement Through Time

Welcome to theAbyss, where everything congeals in real-time over a few days.

Thinking in terms of resonance between systems, like pendulums, it’s clear.

between people? Well, we do vibrate, and our body carries out countless functions according to time of day (as sensed through light and heat), time of the lunar cycle, time of year. When we converse, I mean engage in a discussion where we are very present, our minds share similar images, and so our minds resonate. (Guy Claxton covers some of this in Intelligence in the Flesh where he describes embodied cognition – whole-body integration).

As far back as the 1880s, it was known that the entire muscular system of the body was constantly vibrating at a rate of around 10 cycles per second. When any part of the body moves, its activity is overlaid on this tremor, and this helps the rest of the body to stay coordinated – just as a pair of dancers can be better ‘coupled’ when both are listening to the same music and their movements are tied together by a common beat. This example reinforces two of our main points in this chapter: the intrinsic activity of the body, and the way in which this inherent activity contributes to the overall intelligence of the whole person. The brain cannot be properly understood except as one element of a larger system that includes the body.

…the language of distinct organs and systems does not do justice to the coherence and interwoven nature of the body. More than that, it blinds us to the essentially systemic nature of our bodily selves. …so-called allopathic medicine is only just beginning to recognise maladies that cannot be localised to a single source or cause.

The point of the excerpt, other than to encourage people to read the book, is to illustrate how fundamentally we vibrate, varying from one heartbeat to the next, as demands of all parts of the body dictate. We are a system with rhythms within rhythms. If we learn to have these resonate internally, will that lead to better function and better health? If we learn to resonate externally, will that lead to better communication? Better community? A history we can look back upon without shame.

If our muscles resonate at 10 cycles per second (varyingly of course), the heart beats at about 1 cycle per second, our breath 1 cycle every four seconds (according to Hindu tradition, again, it varies), through acts such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, or my personal go-to, dance, these elements can be harmonized through appropriate beat, rhythm, and movement.

Animals that move have brains; those that don’t move, don’t.

And looking at the human body in motion, I described a spiral pattern which can be identified by 13 points (the major joints of the limbs and neck). Walking steps happen at about 1 cycle (step) per second, same as the heart beat.

  • 13 cycles per second in walking
  • 13 days (both Maya tzolk’in and theAbysmal measure these periods the Spanish named trecensa)
  • 13 weeks (91 days, a quarter year)
  • 13 months (364, a calendar year)
  • 13 years (Maya, Mexica, theAbysmal)
  • 13 x 20 years (Historical Age, approximates 13 katun of Maya)
  • 13 x 400 years (Civilization Era, approximate 13 baktun of Maya)

I’m wondering, if such a thing were ever adopted, would we, as walking monkeys, be able to better facilitate the emergence of a Golden Age of unequalled accomplishment, through simply living with a sense of time that allows us to resonate, literally. I’m unsure how that would translate to our behaviour. It might be too much. It might be nothing.

I probably wouldn’t be riffing so much about this were it not so vividly clear to me. As I mentioned earlier, I’d come across all of this years ago, but none of it really took root. More like the seeds were there waiting to germinate, and voila. Another tree in the forest of knowledge emerges, which of course, opens up a whole new level of stuff I didn’t know I didn’t know. The more I learn, the greater my ignorance.

mycelium - theAbysmal Color


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