Happy New Year

21 December 2016

theAbysmal Year 4 begins today

Hope you have an enjoyable spin around the Sun.

It’s been awfully fun, but now we’ve got our work really cut out for us.

Today is opposite to Month 6, the peak of the Year. It is the ideal time to figure out what you want to accomplish, something to take a full year to figure out, and set that intention. Then spend the first 3 months figuring out the hows/whys/wherefores, the next 3 months cutting out the excess, the next month, i.e. Month 6, celebrating a month of the year’s equivalent to the Golden Age of history, the following 3 months figuring out what it was that you did to make that month so golden. The last 3 months writing it down, organizing one’s thoughts, then continuing with whatever that was, or starting something new the next year.

This is the way I’ve managed to take the rather dissatisfying January 1st New Year’s Resolution tradition, and transform it into an annual exercise in doing engaging things.

theAbysmal Year 4 (Year of the Forge) will see me:

  • get through Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain, and learn the basics of visual art. I’ve been meaning too for a while.
  • develop a visual English language (think Maya glyphs and Chinese logograms).
  • throw a Shut Up and Dance party on the Full Moon M1 D22 (Feb 10th)
  • facilitate creative storytelling workshops

I’m somewhere ruminating on this. I hope you will join me, wherever you are.

mycelium - theAbysmal Color

Scales of History

20 December 2016

13 and 20 and 20 and 20.

Ah, theAbysmal Days, when apparently we Leap over theAbyss and my mind overflows with thoughts on the higher functions of how the way in which we view or perceive time affects the way we think. It changes our mind. Between what I’ve researched astronomy, chronobiology, body function by time of day, time of month, time of year, time of life, embodied cognition, neurobiology, story, symbol, imagination, creativity, history, and reaching back to anthropology as well as calendar systems themselves in order to come up with this. It isn’t idle chatter. It’s the result of my subconscious knitting it all together in the background, and as  has become habit, at the New Year, it presents itself for consideration.

Supercoiled DNA molecular model

In this case, it’s the shape of history, or at the very least longer measures of time. 260 seems to be at the heart of it. 13 is one sacred number to the Maya, the other is 20, which is multiplied much like we do with 10 in observing decades, centuries, millennia. I also noted that the 13 is often associated with the major articulations of the body (ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck), 20 is associated with the fingers and toes. Read the rest of this entry »

Resonance: Movement Through Time

20 December 2016

Welcome to theAbyss, where everything congeals in real-time over a few days.

Thinking in terms of resonance between systems, like pendulums, it’s clear.

between people? Well, we do vibrate, and our body carries out countless functions according to time of day (as sensed through light and heat), time of the lunar cycle, time of year. When we converse, I mean engage in a discussion where we are very present, our minds share similar images, and so our minds resonate. (Guy Claxton covers some of this in Intelligence in the Flesh where he describes embodied cognition – whole-body integration). Read the rest of this entry »

Stages of Historical Ages

20 December 2016

Still Riffing as we leap over the Two-Day Abyss

The riff on the Shape of History so far:

As a framing device, the 260-Year historical age continues to structure history – at least as far as the Americas are concerned – continues to resonate with events. As I’ve stated before, this isn’t an underlying “truth” that I’ve discovered, it’s Years of thinking in terms of the waves and cycles of the Maya calendar (and so, theAbysmal), and seeing civilization from their perspective. It has taken years to sink in to this point, where it’s like I’m having a “eureka” moment as these ideas all cohere into a vivid image.

What’s remarkable about all this is that it continues to follow a particular pattern (in my personal life as much as the historical age). And this pattern, time and again, seems to work well with the number 13. Read the rest of this entry »

Into the Abyss

20 December 2016

Good Night All

I think I’m done with this digital world for a while. I thought I was done with theAbysmal Calendar altogether, however, I realized that it began December 21st 2005, and in order to maintain the symmetry intrinsic in the calendar, I’ve got two more years to go to make it 13. Curiously, the midpoint year, Dec 21 2012 to Dec 20 2013 was theAbysmal Year 0.

None of this was intentional. I only noticed it today.

So it may not be good-bye, but for now, it’s good night.


For those of you who have written comments, I appreciate your feedback, suggestions and engagement. It has helped considerably. For those with whom I’ve had longer conversations, I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful input, and consideration.

For those not sure what they’re looking for, there are some calendar pages of theAbysmal Calendar, under the appropriate year: Year 0Year 1Year 2Year 3 – Year 4

theAbysmal Almanac should have enough data for you to make your own calendar.

If there’s one thing to take away from the 10+ years of this blog, it’s the following:

mycelium - theAbysmal Color

North is at the bottom


furious dancing.jpg

Leap Day 0

20 December 2016

Lizards. Leaping.

For anyone keeping track, I’ve been waffling over whether Dec 20 2012 was a leap day or not. I initially hadn’t thought about it, then I included it, but now I realize that it would have fallen during an exceptional year, meaning the year when we don’t have a Leap Day. So, finally (I guess), this is the first of theAbysmal Leap Days.

The Leap Year day is a means for us to keep our calendar aligned with the seasons. If we just observed 365 days per year and left it at that, we’d drift relative to the seasons about one day every four years, so that in 730 years, we’re celebrating December 25th and Christmas at the height of summer in the northern hemisphere, and finally, people in the Southern Hemisphere would get to enjoy winter holidays in winter. I imagine the climate will have made snowy landscape rare things by then, but we’ll see.

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19 December 2016

0 the circle, theAbyss, the Shape of Time

I was re-reading notes on Spengler’s Decline of the West, and found it as opaque this time around as the first time (maybe two times) I’d read it. Nevertheless, what I seem to recall is a progression, quite complex (Spengler was a philosopher after all), which I’ve taken in the following direction: the course of cultural events can be seen as following a sin wave. I always pictured them as waves as seen in profile, and circles as seen from the end. Here:

Although instead of the spiral progressing in a straight line, it would follow a sine-wave path, which in turn would follow sine-wave path and so on – spirals within spirals all the way down, as if they were turtles or something.

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