Presidential Narcissism

It explains a lot… and makes the future even more disquieting.

While I spend my days away from the keyboard, I did manage to stumble across an interesting article that flags the POTUS-elect as suffering from poor mental health: Narcissist Personality Disorder.

Narcissist Personality Disorder and the President of the United States (elect)[tm]

The presidency and public are in transition, awkwardly adjusting from Obama’s audacity of hope to Trump’s audacity of grope. As we watch Trump’s latest Twitter attack, America is living out a version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” with Donald Trump parading around, sporting classic symptoms of a severe personality disorder, while we bow and pretend it’s normal. If he has it, we need to question the impact it might have on the country. What if Trump had a massive tumor bulging out of his neck and the public were told it was normal, but the medical community knew otherwise, and stayed quiet? What if some of them came forward, and were ignored, attacked, or ridiculed for questioning the impact of the tumor on the president’s fitness and potentially his ability to govern? It’s not an “armchair diagnosis” or accusation — mental illness is not a crime — it’s a valid question about the presidency.

Read the rest of the article.



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