Year 3 Moon 9

31 August 2016


Year 3 Month 9

29 August 2016


Year 3 Wheel of the Year

4 August 2016


Here we are again, at midquarter 2. As this is a Leap Year for both the Gregorian and theAbysmal Calendar, the dates on the Wheel of the Year after February 29th fall one day earlier than in non-leap years. This midway day normally falls on August 6th, the day when the US Air Force dropped the atomic bomb “Little Boy” on Hiroshima.

This day doesn’t seem to have any major or minor holidays associated with it. In Canada, it is simply a civic holiday, celebrated on the first Monday in August, named variously across the country. I think it deserves more than that.

If Feb 5th is the equivalent of Groundhog’s Day, May 6/7 the equivalent of Mother’s Day, maybe this should be theAbysmal Father’s Day, and Nov 4/5 would be something else – it already falls midway between All Soul’s Day and Remembrance Day.

At any rate, happy holiday to you, wherever and however you choose to celebrate it. The whenever is a given.

Year 3 Moon 8

1 August 2016


Year 3 Month 8

1 August 2016