Aji Amarillo Hot Sauce

I wrote this down and can’t find it. Alas, I’m going from memory – it was over a month ago. YMMV.

20 aji amarillo (I used frozen), seeded, stemmed, chopped
2 sweet orange peppers
10 aji mirasol (i.e. dried aji amarillo)
4 onions, chopped
1 head of garlic, peeled, chopped
2 TB coriander seeds
2 TB achiote/annatto seeds
brine (1 TB salt to 1 C water)

1. Seed and stem the aji mirasol (their flavour is key), soak in 1 C. warm water.
2. Dissolve 1 TB salt into the mirasol water.
3. Place all the chopped ingredients into clean containers (I used a 2 L mason jar).
4. Pour the mirasol/brine over the ingredient. Top up the container with brine, leaving about 1/4″ head space. I used a water lock, as with homemade wine and beer.
5. Leave it for four to six weeks. I vented it every day, and it smelled delicious. Make sure that the ingredients stay below the brine. I used larger pieces of chile at the top to keep everything trapped below.
6. Place contents in a blender and have at you.

I find that the flavour is fantastic, the heat is nice but short-lived. I’m going to try this again with habaneros and see where that gets us.


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