Year 3 Month 1

19 January 2016


Year 3 Moon 1

10 January 2016

Lunation, Moon, Lunar Month


29 days this one.

most notably:
Day 5 (jan 15) – Mercury passes inferior conjunction, beginning Mercury’s 10 cycle
Day 14 (jan 24) – Full Moon

As with the 13 months of the year, there are stories associated with each month. As I haven’t written everything out, there are only rough sketches for the time being. Here’s the version of 1. the Plough.


January Fool’s Day!

1 January 2016

Yeah, you, who just celebrated…. what was it again?


If April Fool’s has to do with the Romans (new Year on March 1st btw) mocking those who celebrated afterwards (April 1st).

So, if you missed theAbysmal New Year (Dec 21st) and are celebrating now, who’s the fool? The solstice was 10 days ago.