Fete of the Abysmale – Day 6


Today looks ahead at to Month 6, as if across the abyss that separates the longest day from the longest night. The abyss between any two extremes, many of which we think of as opposites in conflict, but rather they are compliments in harmony. Here the Northern darkest day and Southern brightest day look look ahead, as if through a lens across the year. It’s clearer when the months are arranged like this:


In the left-hand image, the Northern Hemispheres, the black dot at the bottom represents today, the New Year as well as Day 6 of our little adventure in planning ahead, at the opposite side of the year, of the circle, at the top, Month 6 is the month during which the solstice occurs, usually at the midpoint. In the image on the right, the Southern Hemisphere, where the white dot represents today, and faces across the year at the darkest months of the year during Month 6. The solstices fall about half a year apart consistently, however, the equinoxes don’t divide the year in even quarters, or halves, however, there is still a symmetry to it.

Today is a day simply packed with activity, and tomorrow, Day 0, will be even busier, as it is the first day of the calendar year (today doesn’t count).

Let’s take a look across the abyss, shall we?



The most noteworthy day would be Month 6 Day 14 or Lunation 6 Day 16 the Northern Solstice (the date’s missing from the above).

This is the month of Ramadan for practicing Muslims, and these are the longest days for them to be fasting in the Northern Hemisphere from dawn to dusk. However, I have had the pleasure of knowing, working with, befriending a number of people who observe Ramadan, and they manage year after year. I can see the advantages to fasting collectively, although fasting once in a while, especially for those who have more than abundant food supplies, seems to be advisable.

This is a special time of year, and this year in particular as the full moon falls within a day of the solstice. Definitely take some time to go outside to watch the moon. Full Moons are a great time to celebrate, all the fishes in the sea are doing it (or at least a goodly number of them are). And at the end of the month, several national festivals take place.

the Story of the Year continues with 6. the Well.

mycelium - theAbysmal Color


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