Fete of the Abysmale – Day 5


Here we are, nearing the midpoint of our festival of foreshadowing or whatever this is, exactly. This looks ahead to Month 5.


In terms of project developing using the annual calendar the way some people use the lunar month, the idea is to build up momentum and peak at the full moon, or in the case of the Northern Hemisphere, Month 6, when the summer solstice occurs.

For example, in the ancient Olympic games, they would begin on the New Moon and end on the Full Moon. I imagine as the competitions got closer to crowning champions in the most popular events, the energy must have built and built. I doubt modern stadiums could withstand that kind of tumult from the size of modern crowds.

Aside from the year ahead, this is also the last day of the calendar Year 2. I hope you enjoy your holidays, for surely the few we have are precious.

the Story of the Year continues with 5. Maiden.

mycelium - theAbysmal Color



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