Fete of the Abysmale – Day 2


Here’s what Month 2 in Year 3 looks like mapped to Gregorian dates:


Days of note:

Day 13 – Gregorian Leap Year Day

Well the leap year is an interesting beast. There are a number of ways of going about accounting for the inexact number of days in the year. Some use lunar calendars, some use intercalary days, or lengthen a month by a day, but only the Gregorian adds it anywhere but at the end of the year. Some proposed calendars imitate this faulty leap year placement, while addressing other aspects of the calendar.

The Roman calendar celebrated Mars, he was their patron deity, and began their year with the month of Mars, which we’ve inherited as March. Were that still the case, February 29th makes perfect sense. But two months after the new year? It disrupts the rhythm of the year, as irregular as it is already. It is the calendrical equivalent to Daylight Savings Time (whcih theAbysmal is in favour of doing away with altogether. If a business chooses to change its business hours depending on the season, as many do already, then they’re free to choose to it when they like, as opposed to forcing enormous populations to disrupt their daily biological function. Making this change in the autumn and spring is worse, because those are the times of year we synchronize our biological clocks with the seasons – particularly around dawn and dusk. It is essential for our health, and we have enacted policies, and adopted a calendar system that undermines it. It’s an unhealthy, and unnecessary disruption to our circadian rhythm – the rhythm of sleeping, eating, energy levels, hormone levels, etc. throughout any given day.

Because the Gregorian Leap Day occurs during Month 2, and theAbysmal Leap day occurs after Month 12, the intervening days fall one day earlier on the Gregorian calendar than in non-leap years. If Month 2 Day 27, the last day of this Month, falls on march 14th this year, it will fall on March 15th in non-leap years.

The Story of the Year continues with 2. Bison.

mycelium - theAbysmal Color



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