Fete of the Abysmale – Day 1


Day 1 of the Fete of the Abysmale previews Month 1 (jan 19 – feb 15), Year 3:


Day 17 – Midquarter Day

Day 20 – Chinese & Vietnamese New Years

Midquarter Day falls forty-five days into, and forty-five days before the end of the quarter. As it falls close to another observation, I suggest referring to this as the Day of the Squinty Groundhog.


This Midquarter Day thing is already loosely observed, usually at the beginning of the months in question. Feb 2nd is groundhog’s day, may 1st is may day and international worker’s day, aug 1 isn’t widely observed as far as I could tell, nov 1 is the day of the dead, and plenty of others.

The days get longer by greater intervals from day-to-day, such that the end of the month is markedly different than the beginning. I suspect that this, and the reverse in the southern hemisphere where the intervals shorten at an equivalent rate, accounts for our behaviour. The long winters definitely lend themselves to cabin fever, and their end is celebrated with spring fever. There’s an acceleration in the amount of light we’re getting, and that vitamin D sure feels good.

The Story of the Year continues with 1. the Plough.

mycelium - theAbysmal Color


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