Year 2 Month 12

23 November 2015


Here’s the end of another year. There are some traditions afoot that I would like to reintroduce. Beginning with Day 22 (that’s december 15), each day represents a month in the coming year. So, Day 22 is Month 0, Day 23 = Month 1, Day 24 = Month 2, etc. New Year’s Day = Month 6 (at the exact opposite time of year), and this continues it to the New Year until Year 3 Month 0 Day 5, which of course represents this here final Month 12. Do you remember what Year 2 Month 0 Day 5 predicted for you for this month?

Me neither. However, it is a common trait at new years among a wide variety of the world’s peoples.

Everywhere Being is Dancing

14 November 2015

Everywhere Being is Dancing – Twenty Pieces of Thinking
by Robert Bringhurst,204,203,200_.jpg

A Poet and a War

The war in the Yugoslav republics has obliterated much – old villages, old synagogues and mosques, many lives, many families, and many years of tentative yet habitable peace – but the oldest thing destroyed was a tradition of epic poetry that had survived since Agamemnon sailed for Troy.

Religious bigotry is old and solid in the Balkans, just as it is in Ireland. There is as a result a lot of fossilized hatred available as fuel. But even with that fuel at his disposal, how could a minor potentate in Beograd do so much sudden damage? Not without a lot of help. And it was not, indeed, the war in Yugoslavia alone that put an end to oral-formulaic epic in Mediterranean Europe. It was that war in conjunction with another, nameless war which is far older, more subversive, more widespread. Into this much larger war, the refugees from local wars around the world are thrown.
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Year 2 Lunation 11

11 November 2015


Year 2 Midquarter 3

5 November 2015