Baked Pasta with chili-Cheese-Mushroom sauce

chillies (or aji) and cheese is a recent discovery. Thank you Peru!


4 dry aji panca, seeded and stemmed
2 cloves garlic, smashed
1 C cream
a hunk of cheese (I used fruliano)

6 large cremini mushrooms
oil for frying
knob or so of butter

a goodly amount of pasta (I used fusilli)

1. soak the aji panca in about 1 C of just boiled water until the chillies are soft.
2. add garlic and cream to aji & water. blend to a fine paste
3. finely chop mushrooms
4. heat oil in a saute/frying pan over med-high heat
5. saute the mushrooms
6. stir in the aji/cream. simmer until it thickens
7. bring water to a boil. add salt. add pasta. cook until slightly underdone.
8. shred the cheese. stir into aji mix slowly.
9. drain the pasta. Add to the aji-cheese mix and stir to coat.
10. place everything in a casserole. top with breadcrumbs, more cheese, butter or whatever you feel like. maybe add a bit more liquid before baking at 350F for 30 min or so.

I haven’t baked mine yet, and I’m expecting it to be a cheesy, starchy mess. comfort food of a sort.


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