Year 2 Mercury 7

30 January 2015

For those not prone to astronomy, this is the beginning of the synodic cycle of the planet Mercury. This doesn’t refer to its orbit around the Sun, but to its apparent path through the sky as seen from Earth and back again. As with any cycle, the starting point is arbitrary. However, using the theme of the abyss, darkness, unseen, unknowable, etc. inferior conjunction seemed the most appropriate. The planet cannot be seen, as with the moon at the new moon. This cycle for our friend Mercury will take about 120 days.

Year 2 Lunation 1

20 January 2015


For those of you wondering, the number following lunation are the numbers for the year, and the chronological lunation since theAbysmal Calendar began. So with this new moon, we have seen 1 complete lunation this year, and 26 since New Year’s (Dec 21st, 2012).

Same goes for the numbers in the days around the circle. In the centre, the day number for the month, above it, for theAbysmal Calendar since its launch. Years are years.

Year 2 Month 1

19 January 2015


This is a great year to take a look at the divergence between the lunar month and the calendar month. Lunation 0 and Month 0 began on the same day, and here they are already divergent by a day.

Baked Pasta with chili-Cheese-Mushroom sauce

2 January 2015

chillies (or aji) and cheese is a recent discovery. Thank you Peru!


4 dry aji panca, seeded and stemmed
2 cloves garlic, smashed
1 C cream
a hunk of cheese (I used fruliano)

6 large cremini mushrooms
oil for frying
knob or so of butter

a goodly amount of pasta (I used fusilli)

1. soak the aji panca in about 1 C of just boiled water until the chillies are soft.
2. add garlic and cream to aji & water. blend to a fine paste
3. finely chop mushrooms
4. heat oil in a saute/frying pan over med-high heat
5. saute the mushrooms
6. stir in the aji/cream. simmer until it thickens
7. bring water to a boil. add salt. add pasta. cook until slightly underdone.
8. shred the cheese. stir into aji mix slowly.
9. drain the pasta. Add to the aji-cheese mix and stir to coat.
10. place everything in a casserole. top with breadcrumbs, more cheese, butter or whatever you feel like. maybe add a bit more liquid before baking at 350F for 30 min or so.

I haven’t baked mine yet, and I’m expecting it to be a cheesy, starchy mess. comfort food of a sort.