How to Avoid the Horrors of New Years

31 December 2014

The Worst Interpretation of Prehistoric Traditions Ever.

Antisocial Personality Disorders

29 December 2014

Normalizing the Abnormal?

Following up on the entry regarding the Lucifer Effect, I’ve delved into the definitions of antisocial behaviour. The two sources I’ve used are the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (DSM-V), considered the principle resources for defining and diagnosing mental illnesses, and the World Health Organization (WHO)’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

I’m at odds of late, with how individuals around me behave, as often it is acceptably antisocial (or at least to me it would appear so), and I’m curious about how much of this is merely individual surliness, and how much of it is a cultural acceptance (and in some cases promotion) of antisocial behaviour. I don’t have a vast background in psychiatry or psychology, just a dilettantish curiosity in what makes us behave the way we do, beyond our personal choices. I certainly don’t claim to have any answers, only questions. Mostly variations of WTF?

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Year 2 Market Weeks

22 December 2014

The seven-day week is used in conjunction with every major calendar, and alas, has replaced a good many other weeks (everywhere from 2 to 20 days long, depending on how you define things).

theAbysmal does account for this with the market week – such that today, Month 0 Day 0, as with every year, is also day 0 for all of the market weeks. These are weeks of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 20 days. None of the days are named like the days of the week are. Again, that’s up to the community of calendar users to decide.

As for the market week calendar, 7-, 13-, and 14-day weeks fall within the 364-days of theAbysmal perpetual calendar (excluding New Year’s Day, which falls on Dec 21st, and Leap Year Day which falls the day before when it occurs).

With respect to the other market weeks, they all coincide within a modified 360-day year (pictured above). This excludes the New Year Day, the Leap Year Day, and the four mid-quarter days (which fall on the equivalent of Feb 5, May 7, Aug 6, and Nov 5).

However, as the 13 months of 4 weeks is likely more familiar than living life by 9-day weeks, excluding five or six days spread throughout the year, this isn’t a priority for most people, however, I did want to provide a certain degree of flexibility with respect to organizing the days with the perpetual year.

If you’re really interested, here are breakdowns of the year according to the various weeks:

2~Day Market Week x 180
3~Day Market Week x 120
4~Day Market Week x  90
5~Day Market Week x  72
6~Day Market Week x  60
8~Day Market Week x  45
9~Day Market Week x  40
10~Day Market Week x 36
12~Day Market Week x 30
15~Day Market Week x 24
18~Day Market Week x 20
20~Day Market Week x 18

I don’t intend to publish a post for the beginning of every market week, in case anyone’s curious what I do with my free time.

Year 2 Month 0

22 December 2014


Technically, the seven weekdays (Monday to Sunday, and other names in other languages) are not part of theAbysmal, however, the week seems to link more cultures than any other time measure, so I include them along with the Gregorian dates.

Year 2 Lunation 0

22 December 2014

Y2-L0This one proved to be a challenge. Using UTC, the new moon happens prior to the Solstice, such that the solstice occurs during this lunar month, making it Lunation 0. This is the last day in quite some time before we will see the coincidence of a new moon, solstice, and first day of the new calendar year again.

Year 2 House 0

22 December 2014


As an added bonus, theAbysmal Calendar’s 364-day year can be divided into 13-day market weeks, and those can be bundled together into 4-week periods called houses. So, 13-day week, 52-day house. Each quarter contains 7 13-day weeks. Each year contains 7 52-day houses.

Happy New Year

21 December 2014

now go out and play

Here’s the year laid out Today we’re at theAbysmal Day at the bottom. we can either look down into the Abyss (where Nietzsche might look back) or we can look up towards Month 6 ahead, at the opposite end of the year. The first six months build towards it, and the last six months watch it play out. If you want to build something special, you could do worse.

Go. Play.