theAbysmal Year – a Radial Representation

From days to half-years, the multiple permutations of the perpetual year.

At least with the design of theAbysmal Calendar, there’s room for all sorts of even divisions of the year into weeks, months, and all other measures you can imagine.

Here are the ones I’ve come up with: the outer circle alternates black and white, the next circle in alternates two black days, two white days, then three black three white, four black four white, etc… up to 182 black and white.

circle-of-market-weeksClick on the image for an enlargement.

In terms of theAbysmal Calendar, the New Year is at the bottom. Each measure of time begins with black and alternates ending on either black or white in whole measures.

The Gregorian 365 days can be divided evenly by 5 and 73.



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