Year 0 Ophiuchus

29 November 2013


Today marks the day that the Sun passes out of Scorpius (phew) and into the constellation of Ophiuchus (erm…). The Sun passes through Ophiuchus in 17 days.

This is considered the 13th sign of the zodiac, although last I checked, he’s been considered a constellation for as long as we’ve been keeping track (at least in the “Western” tradition). He is the serpent-bearer, and is a healer. His symbol is the staff with a single serpent wrapped around it, which is different from the caduceus, the staff with two serpents wrapped around it that Hermes bears with him.

The green lines are the boundaries of the constellation. Sorry I couldn’t find an image with the path of the Sun, but trust me, the Sun passes through there. Surely the world’s astronomers wouldn’t lie to us about that, would they?

Year 0 Month 12

23 November 2013

Year 0 Scorpio

23 November 2013

Journey to the Underworld.

Today marks the day that the Sun passes out of Libra, and into the constellation of Scorpius, or Scorpio, the scorpion. It is the shortest of these journeys for the Sun, lasting a mere 6 days. Probably for the best. It also coincides with theĀ  first day of Month 12, the last Month of theAbysmal Year. Not sure what that means, but feel free to panic as if it were the end of the world all over again.

The dotted blue line represents the boundaries of the constellation, and the dotted light green line represents the apparent path of the Sun across the sky. Seeing as it just skims through the edge of the constellation, it’s small wonder that it only takes 6 days to pass through.


Year 0 Saturn 1

6 November 2013

Today marks Saturn at Conjunction, and so the beginning of Saturn Cycle 1. It lasts 377 days.

Year 0 Mid~Quarter 3

5 November 2013

Year 0 Lunation 11

3 November 2013

Year 0 Mercury 3

1 November 2013

Today marks Mercury at inferior conjunction, and thus the beginning of Mercury cycle 3. This cycle lasts 106 days.