Year 0 Month 10

28 September 2013

Year 0 Quarter 3

21 September 2013

Year 0 Southward Equinox

20 September 2013

Year 0 Virgo

16 September 2013

The long journey of the misunderstood maiden.

Today marks the day that the Sun leaves the lion behind and moves into the constellation Virgo. Although many call Virgo the virgin, I prefer to call her the maiden. It removes all the uptight sexual mores associated with virginity and all that. The Sun takes 44 days to pass through Virgo, longer than any other constellation. I guess she’s friendlier than the other signs.

The solid green line represents the boundaries of the constellation, the solid red line line represents the apparent path of the Sun across it.

Year 0 House 5

8 September 2013

Year 0 Lunation 9

5 September 2013