Abysmal Friends and their Art

Publishing beautiful works. Appreciate.

It’s been a while, I’ll grant you, since I’ve written anything unrelated to calendars, however, I wish to share some art that friends of mine have put together through hard work, creative instinct, and borderline obsession. Check it out, it’s rather amazing.

Blue Snail Garden

A publisher of books (the physical, in your hand kind, and not the digital, er, in your hand. kind. Although e-books are also coming) for children and young adults. They are works of visual art as well as narratives of words. Definitely a thing of beauty.

Cloudscape Comics

A collective of independent comic artists (graphic novellas, sequential art, y’know, like that) who contribute to yearly anthologies of their work. Creative energy at work.

True North Tattoo

Tattoo artist working out of Kingston Ontario, beautiful work, and versatile. My particular favourites are his japanese style pieces. Definitely get yourself some art to take with you wherever you go.

3 Responses to Abysmal Friends and their Art

  1. Araceli Heres says:

    It’s good to hear from you again

  2. Not Jack says:

    thanks – happy to share my space with some creative artists

  3. Araceli Heres says:

    please don’t be a stranger for soooo long

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