Year 0 Capricorn

The Sidereal Zodiac – or, Where’s the Sun?

So here we are, on the day when the Sun enters Capricorn. Now, before you roll your eyes (I’m too late, aren’t I? They’re rolled like so much sushi), this isn’t astrology. Honest. I doubt that it will predict your fortune or love life. You’re on your own as far as those are concerned. I have no advice to offer on either count. Nothing useful anyway.

No, friends, this is astronomy. First off, it is based on the observable universe as opposed to astrology, which is based on something a little different. Here’s an illustration to get the point across:

If it were possible to see the constellations behind the Sun as the Earth orbits around it through the year, then this would make more sense. Behind the Sun sits the constellation of Capricorn. Like so much celestial wallpaper. For one, the signs are not of equal size by any stretch. It takes the Sun 6 days to pass in and out of Scorpio, and 44 days for Virgo.

The other thing that makes this particular measure of time so intriguing is that it helps us to track the Precession of the Equinoxes. Because of a motion in the Earth’s axis, the day on which the Sun passes into any given constellation falls one day earlier every 71 years or so (the rate varies). It takes just under 26,000 years for the Precession to complete one full cycle. That means that the Sun will enter Capricorn on Jan 9th in about 26,000 years. Here’s hoping we live to see it.


Here’s our friend Capricornus, the goaty sea-monster.

The dotted yellow line represents the boundaries of the constellation. The dotted red line is the apparent path of the Sun through the constellation. It takes the Sun about 27 days to pass through Capricorn.

The symbol for Capricorn is – like a letter “n” with a fancy curl at the end. Don’t ask me why.

So, now you know.

Chromatic: Year 0 Lunation 1 Day 30
Lunar: Year 0 Lunation 1 Day 9

Perpetual Year:
Year 0 Month 1 Day 1 Sunday
Year 0 House 0 Day 29
Year 0 Quarter 0 Day 29

Capricorn Day 0

Market Weeks (numbered from 0):
2~Day 1
3~Day 2
4~Day 1
5~Day 4
6~Day 5
7~Day 1
8~Day 5
9~Day 2
10~Day 9
12~Day 5
13~Day 3
14~Day 1
15~Day 14
18~Day 11
20~Day 9

Solar/Planetary Cycles:
Solar Cycle 0 Day 1844
Mercury 0 Day 64
Venus 0 Day 228
Mars 0 Day 716
Jupiter 0 Day 252
Saturn 0 Day 87
Uranus 0 Day 302
Neptune 0 Day 336


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