Year 0 Quarter 0

91 Days in Weeks and Fortnights

Welcome to the further adventures of theAbysmal Calendar – post~apocalypse. I hope you’re enjoying fending off the zombies, mutants, and marauding bands of mercenaries.

Below are the calendar pages for theAbysmal Calendars’ Quarters. Each Quarter is 91 Days, and this particular one, Quarter 0, runs from the Southern Solstice to the Northward Equinox (i.e. formerly known as the December Solstice and March Equinox). The Mid~Quarter Day falls on Tuesday Month 2 Day 17 (Feb. 5th). More on that as the time approaches. Each Quarter is divided into 7~Day Weeks and 13~Day Fortnights. The Mid~Quarter Day falls midweek and midfortnight as well. It’s a nice bit of synchronicity. See for yourself.

To keep things relatively simple, the Quarters below note the Weekday, Fortnight day (using the 13 symbols of the zodiac, which is not a definitive labelling btw), day of the Quarter (from 0 to 90), the equivalent Gregorian date, and the phases of the Moon.

And thank you for your patronage (and for not being patronizing, because that’s just rude =)

Chromatic: Year 0 Lunation 0 Day 1
Lunar: Year 0 Lunation 0 Day 9
Annual: Year 0 Month 0 Day 0 Saturday


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