Year 0 House 0

What the… This isn’t astrology!

Your Armageddon survival skills are to be commended. Stick a gold star to your monitor.

Here we have the first of theAbysmal Calendar’s Houses. What is a House you say, other than the type with the door and roof? It’s like a month, only instead of having 4 weeks, it has 4 Fortnights. What’s a Fortnight? Good question. I’m glad you survived with a healthy curiosity intact. A fortnight is traditionally two weeks, or fourteen days. However, I’ve applied it to theAbysmal Calendar’s 13~day periods, because the Spanish trecena doesn’t quite work in English,  and I didn’t feel like inventing something else. Call me lazy.

How dare you!

Each 364~day Year has 7 Houses. These are simply numbered like most of theAbysmal Calendar, however, I’ve got my own labelling system in mind. Please feel free to use it or discard it as suits you. I’m not one to judge. I’ve labelled the days of the Fortnight after the 13 constellations of the zodiac. I’ve decided to label the Houses after the same 7 planets [sic] with which the weekdays are associated. That would make this the House of Saturn (be afraid – he was a nasty piece of work – old father Time of Greco-Roman ancestry).

Label them as you will. Here is House 0, noting the days of the House (from 0 to 51), the equivalent Gregorian dates, and the Moon phases.

Chromatic: Year 0 Lunation 0 Day 1
Lunar: Year 0 Lunation 0 Day 9
Annual: Year 0 Month 0 Day 0 Saturday


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