What do you expect from the New New Year?

I’ve never been much of a fan of New Year’s resolutions – mostly because they had been made during the depths of a debauch, which is no time for sober contemplation.

Nevertheless, there is a longstanding tradition of using the time of the New Year to project into the coming year the accomplishments we wish to, well, accomplish. There’s a couple of ways to look at it. There are the regular activities, things like eating better, or exercising every day, or practicing a foreign language, or music, or art, or whatever. Something that requires regular practice (or play, which amounts to the same thing). The other is more the goal itself. Like travelling somewhere, or having a particular experience.

Either way, this is the time to plan it out. the 13 days of the New Year (from Dec 15 to Dec 27) are the means of planning for the year ahead. Each day stands for a month, so on Day 0 (i.e. Dec 15) plan for Month 0 (Dec 22 to Jan 18), Day 1 for Month 1 and so on.

If that sounds like too much work, especially during this frantic time of over-and-above-overconsumption, then maybe just sit and meditate for 30 minutes. It’s probably for the best.

Chromatic: Year 0 Lunation 0 Day –
Lunar: Year 0 Lunation 0 Day 5
Annual: Year — Month — Day –


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