Mercury Continues the Race

Spinning through a New Synodic Cycle.

so I’m 3 days late – forgive me, I know Mercury will.

As of Nov 17 2012, all the planets have begun their Cycle 0, in the parlance of theAbysmal Calendar. We’re waiting on the Moon to get going (on Dec 13 2012) and then we’re all set for the New Year and the launch of theAbysmal Calendar.

Mercury was at inferior conjunction, which begins its synodic cycle. Only Mercury and Venus lie between Earth and the Sun. All other planets begin their cycles at conjunction, when they are on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth.

Mercury is the fastest orbiting planet, and its synodic cycle takes an average of 116 days or so. This means that any given Year will see the start of two or three synodic cycles.

Tracking the planets as a means of timekeeping is as old as staring up at the night sky and thinking, “what the hell is that?” May as well call them gods, give them personalities, tell stories about them, and include them in our collective cultures.

Here’s some background on our friend, Mercury, and his association with Wednesday.


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