Reading List Year 12~XIV Month 10

Reading List:

Nancy in Hell by El Torres, Juan Jose Ryp, Gamboa & Malaka
Hellblazer: Freezes Over by Brian Azzarello, Marcelo Frusin, Steve Dillon, & Guy Davis
Waste by Tristram Stuart
Postscripts to Darkness ed. by Sean Moreland & Dominik Parisien
the Book of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer
Postscripts to Darkness 2 ed. by Sean Moreland & Aalya Ahmad
All my Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman
Mr g by Alan Lightman
There But For The by Ali Smith
The Lees of Laughter’s End by Steven Erikson
The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
the Hive by Charles Burns
the Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire
the Three Incestuous Sisters by Audrey Niffenegger
Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem
A Thousand Years of Good Prayers by Yiyun Li
the Waterproof Bible by Andrew Kaufman
Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver


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