the Wonder of World Wonders

Ancient Monuments are Messages Built in Stone.

The ancients knew something which we seem to have forgotten. –Albert Einstein

I’m a bit of a skeptic. It’s one of the reasons I abandoned the 13-Moon law of time calendar (created by Jose Arguelles). I owe him credit for setting me on the path of seeing our view of time in a very different light, however, there are certain aspects of his overall philosophy I found more difficult to accept.

In a similar vein, I’ve been reluctant to read up on anything Egyptian, particularly the pyramid at Giza and the Sphinx. I’d heard too many theories regarding alien technologies, or Masons and the like. However, on the recommendation of a friend (thanks Phil), I watched the documentary on the YouTube, the Revelation of the Pyramids that got me scratching my head.

In it, Egyptologists, Historians and others weigh in on our uncertain understanding of these monuments, and to whom we credit their design and construction. In the end, it is a speculative exercise (a theme also explored by mathematicians, as detailed in the Lost Millennium). You can jump ahead to the 1:00:00 mark or so if you want to get to the point I wish to explore, but the documentary is intriguing, moreso for the questions it asks than the answers it proposes.

If nothing else, the mathematical eloquence of the great pyramid complex (including the sphinx) is a wonder in and of itself.

Monumental Achievements

The sites for several monuments, built far from one another in space as well as time, all lie along the circumference of a great circle that intersects the equator at an angle of about 30 degrees. Some of these monuments were forgotten and rediscovered more recently, their origins the subject to speculation. The materials can be dated with relative accuracy, but not the eras in which they were constructed.

There is a thorough treatment of the subject at Great Circle of Ancient Monuments.

Within 40 miles of the Great Circle, we find the following (note Building Complex may be temples or cities):



Estimated Origin

Giza Egypt Pyramids, Sphinx
Siwa Egypt Temple, Oasis
Tassili n’Ajjer Algeria Cave Drawings
Paratoari Peru Pyramids
Ollantaytambo Peru Building Complex
Machu Picchu Peru Building Complex
Nazca Peru Mountain Carvings
Rapa Nui Easter Island (Chile) Giant Statues
Aneityum Island Vanuatu Church, Petroglyphs
Preah Vihear Cambodia Temple
Sukhothai Thailand Building Complex
Pyay Burma Building Complex
Khajuraho India Temple Complex
Mohenjo Daro Pakistan Building Complex
Persepolis Iran Building Complex
Ur Iraq Ziggurat
Petra Jordan Building Complex

If the Great Circle is projected as a sphere on the earth (where the Great Circle is the equator), its north pole is the magnetic north (granted, that’s currently moving).

What to Make of All This

I hesitate to speculate on whether this was an intentional series of constructions. Rather, I would guess that the influence of the magnetic field on human behaviour may have played a stronger role in determining the locations of these constructions, rather than an intentional, deliberate intelligence over the course of millennia.

And there are countless great works of construction that are not part of this Great Circle (Angkor Wat comes to mind, as well as the Maya Pyramids and Temples). This doesn’t dismiss the idea that there is a pattern here – however, I find it hard to speculate on what the meaning in the pattern might be.

The site at Giza remains at the heart of this. It is mathematically astounding. There are patterns within patterns, using Pi and Phi (the golden number). There is also an astrological connection. The signs of the zodiac with which we are familiar date back to the Babylonians, and had spread throughout the Middle East, and have become widely used, from Europe to India, and all the places they’ve influenced. Nevertheless, there are four fixed signs that are key to this (which also work well with theAbysmal Calendar’s symmetry of 13, but that’s another story).

The signs are Taurus (the bull), Leo (the lion), Scorpio/Ophiuchus (the eagle), and Aquarius (the man). These signs form two axes: the Taurus-Scorpio/Ophiuchus and the Leo-Aquarius. If one were to carve images to represent these axes, they could combine the features, to make a winged bull and a sphinx.

I can’t attest to the genius referred to in the caption.


Nothing particularly insightful. I do get the impression that astronomical information was taken into account when constructing the pyramid complex (and likely many of the other monuments). And that we have inherited these same constellations (although fixed into the artificial zones of Western Astrology, which serves more as a calendar than as a reflection of the actual constellations), and as such, we have the means to decode some of this symbolism.

Much of the writing and glyphs at these temples are meaningless to us, but the Bull, Lion, Eagle and Man still hold significance. Those images have been with us for a very long time. It would suit us best to remember them (within a particular cultural tradition).

When I first conceived of theAbysmal Calendar, a part that struck me was the 26,000 year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, and how it connected us to cultures far in the past, as well as those to come. There are people working on encoding symbols on toxic waste sites, such that if they are discovered in the far future, the symbols might be recognized as indicating big trouble. Skull and Crossbones? A skull? Who’s to say what these might mean to people with whom we have no direct connection millennia from now? Who’s to say what ancient symbols should mean? Maybe these monuments, great works of architecture that have lasted for millennia, are not messages designed to withstand the cataclysms of time. Maybe they are.

And if they are, what do we do once we’ve parsed meaning out of it?

232 Days to Dec 21st 2012


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