End of the Quarter Report

New Year’s Resolutions, 13 weeks later.

I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions, as I figure that if I need to improve something, start today. Plus, I generally hate January 1st as the time of the New Year, so I generally write-off the whole process. Cynical outlook aside, I figure I should at least look at what’s changed since then, to see if there has been any progress towards the healthier.

There certainly has been, although admittedly it’s incidental. Serendipity has placed many opportunities in my path, and have gratefully gobbled them up. It turns out there is a good deal of overlap, so hooray for that. Here’s some of what I’ve been working with in the past 13 weeks:

  • writing a post a day. Not always easy, as I tend to repeat myself, even when I have something to say. I often don’t. 91 posts down, 273 to go. Thank you all who are bearing with me. The year promises to be very long and very short. That’s the nature of time.
  • took an 8-week mindful meditation course. It put into practice what I already knew. It was invaluable. It really just anchored my attention back into my breathing, which has brought me back to my next two points:
  • started playing the trumpet again. I had abandoned it, because I was unmotivated. But hell, the more I meditate, the more I breathe, the more I want to refine my breathing through a brassy horn. I can’t say I’m any good at it, but I enjoy it a great deal. My neighbours probably enjoy it less.

  • Started my martial arts practice again. I think the meditation and breathing got my energy levels back up, and now I need to burn them off. That or I need to balance my meditative self by hitting things really hard. I practice Tai Chi for stretching and Muay Thai for the more technically demanding. I think I’m going to develop a hybrid: Muay Thai Chi.

  • I’ve always wanted to take a native North American language, and discovered an 8-week Inuktitut class. I’ve been to two lessons already, enjoy it a great deal, although the pronunciation challenges are slightly greater than the syllabic one. I hope to visit the Canadian Arctic in the next couple of years, and this will be invaluable. I also read (in Arctic Dreams) that Inuktitut is a language better suited for talking about quantum physics than English. We’ll see. I’ve never been able to quite grasp quantum physics. And once again, breathing figures into it. Especially with Inuit Throat Singing.

So far, the quarter has ended far better than it has begun, and I’m grateful for family, friends, colleagues (I do have a day job, believe it or not), friends of friends, acquaintances and random strangers. I’ve also been spending more time singing and playing music to my plants, feeding the squirrels and crows, and appreciating the weather (even when it’s cold enough to freeze clouds down from the heavens).

I’ll revisit this post at the end of next quarter and see how the year progresses.

274 Days to Dec 21st 2012


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