Year 9~XIX Month 10

28 September 2009

92 Weeks past, 168 to go theAbysmal Calendar’s launch: 21~12~2012


Reading List Month 9 Year 9~XIX

28 September 2009

Nothing to see here – was immersed in Pynchon all month.

born on the 4th of January

27 September 2009

Babies born in Winter get short shrift.

a recent report notes that babies born during the winter months don’t perform as well (according to a number of metrics) as babies born during other months.

this relates to human gestation – where traditionally, babies would have been conceived near the full moon at the vernal equinox (humans most fertile time), and would be born close to the winter solstice. This would allow pregnant mothers to continue working through the harvest, with the later weeks of the pregnancy taking place after the harvest has come in.

babies are born year round, and as the report notes, children in the same family tend to be born around the same time of year (although YMMV).