16 June 2009

In Honour of June 16th 1904 ~ a day in the life of Leopold Bloom


In case this has escaped your notice, today is the day on which the events in James Joyce’s Ulysses take place.

I read this noteworthy tale on and about Bloomsday 2004, and have to say it bears rereading. Fortunately, the work is in the public domain, so for you, here it is:

Ulysses wikimedia version

Ulysses project gutenberg versions

Year 9~XIX Month 6

8 June 2009

76 Weeks past, 184 to go theAbysmal Calendar’s launch: 21~12~2012


Two days of note here:

Friday Day 13 (equivalent to June 21st) – this day is the last Friday of Quarter 1 (the second Quarter of the Year) – and also the day on which the Sun would appear to pass into the Constellation of Gemini (by astronomical reckoning, not astrological). This is also the Summer solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere). As such, we may want to rename the Northern Tropic the Tropic of Gemini, since the Sun is no longer in Cancer when at the Solstice.

In Canada, the Summer Solstice is celebrated as National Aboriginal Day.

Saturday Day 14 (equivalent to June 22nd) – this is the First Saturday of Quarter 2 (the third Quarter of the Year) – and also the New Moon. It also denotes the first Day of the second half of the year.

Month 6 is the central month of theAbysmal Calendar – there are 6 months prior and 6 months after. Enjoy your sunny days (except lately – it’s been cold, rainy & humid however that’s possible…)

Reading List – Month 5 Year 9~XIX

8 June 2009

A short list – must have been a busy month – or the savouring of Perfume.

Reading List:

Perfume by Patrick Suskind
the Prophet by Kahlil Gibran