Last Friday of the Year

The way of the Year and a Day

The Day equivalent to Dec 20th always falls on Friday, on theAbysmal Calendar. In 2008 CE, it falls on a Saturday on the Gregorian.

Month 12 Day 27 Friday, the last Friday of the Calendar Year of 52 Weeks, or 364 Weekdays

The number and glyph of the 260 Day Calendar for this last Friday of Year 8~XIV is 9~XIX. This number and glyph are also attributed to the upcoming New Year, such that New Year’s Day (Dec 21st) signifies the passing on from the old year to the new.

If we consider this symbolically in terms of the Northern Season (it would be different in the Southern Hemisphere), the agricultural year and the botanical life cycle, then the New Year occurs at the longest and coldest night, the furthest away from the harvest, when plants are dormant, and in their seeds.

The last Friday of the Year is like a seed, which is the embryonic form of the New Year. The symbolism follows the cycle of annual plants in a nod to the agrarian revolution.


So in looking back at the old year, it would be best to take all of the worthwhile things we have discovered and learned and capture them in a synopsis that is kept for the New Year. Everything else is forgiven or forgotten.

In this, less material sense, the New Year occurring with the Yule, the Solstice, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, and other Winter and Solsticial holidays, brings to the foreground the gifts that we’ve shared for centuries beyond our reckoning, even when we were separated by Mountains, Oceans, and the Abyss.

We have enough in common to create stories from the lights in the sky, tied to the landscape, alive with universal tales of struggle and desire.


So for Today, Saturday December 20th 2008 CE,
Lunation 0 Day 23 (Year 9~XIX)
Friday 9~XIX
Month 12 Day 27 (Year 8~XIV)

These are a breeze, when using theAbysmal Calendar. Regardless of what New Year’s resolutions have become, at heart, they are still a desire/need for self~improvement (as defined by oneself).

The most valuable thing anyone can learn is a skill that they can take with them. If a person’s skill is in using a particular tool, then it is most valuable if they also know how to make such a tool from the elements around them.

Difficult to do if you’re an IT specialist. Who’s got time to build a forge to smelt the ore to….

Resolutions come with a few varieties. There’s the one-time objective, like taking a trip to Jamaica. There’s the limited duration objective, like 6 months of silence. There’s the gradual, long term objective, like learning to play the trumpet.

Other examples for sure, like “eat more barley,” and so on. theAbysmal Calendar is most effective at scheduling regular, recurring, long~term activities, which includes resolutions (at any time of year) towards self~improvement.

Planning the activity according to the Seasons is another advantage. It’s difficult to advise any particular schedule, as each should be taylored to the individual in question.

To start with, use the 52 weeks to note your progress every quarter and midquarter.
You can also set goals for every month (4 weeks).

theAbysmal Calendar is advantageous in the long term, because its perpetually structure allows one to schedule something on the first Thursday of every month, and it will remain the same day of the Month (Day 5) for every Month and every Year. This regular rhythm permits us to account for the scheduling of our week and month in our heads, or at least without having to consult an outside calendar for everything.

dixon_fly_agaric_465x349The original presents under the tree


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