Have an Abysmal New Year

21 December 2007

the 260-Week Countdown to 21 12 2012

Greetings cousins. This New Year, Dec 21st 2007, marks the official countdown to theAbysmal+1 Calendar‘s launch on 21 12 2012.

The next 5 Years
= 20 Quarters
= 65 Months
= 62 Lunations
= 260 Weeks
= 1825 Days + 2 Leap Year Days

Although theAbysmal+1 Calendar has many components, not any one person need necessarily follow all of them. The most common would likely continue as the 7-day market week, the 28-day month. The cycles of 13 days and XX, the glyphs which have sub-cycles of IV and V, also create daily progressions of days that one might use in their scheduling of the Year.

Some notes on the functionality of theAbysmal+1 Calendar:

The last day of one year bears the number & glyphs (13-XX) which become assigned to the following year, which for this year falls on 8-XIV.

Herein lies the notion that the New Year germinates from a seed from the Old Year. This gives the last Friday of the Year stands for the entire year to come. This might prove the best time to consider one’s plans for the Year to come.

New Year’s Day, which falls on 9-XV, stands in the space in between.

First Calendar Day of the Year, Saturday, Day 0, Month 0

Year 8-XIV

This assignment to the years increases by 1 and V from year-to-year. If we consider the Gregorian Calendar Year in comparison to the 13-XX, they do align somewhat. The Abysmal+1 Calendar begins with Dec 21st, such that 10 days fall on one Gregorian Calendar Year, and the next 355 on another. This Abysmal+1 Year 8-XIV loosely corresponds with the year 2008. Note the 8s in common. And so this continues until Zero Year.

8-XIV 2008
9-XIX 2009
10-IV 2010
11-IX 2011
12-XIV 2012
13-XIX 2013 – Year 0
1-IV Year 1
2-IX Year 2
3-XIV Year 3
4-XIX Year 4

Year 0 13-XIX begins on
Saturday Day 0 Month 0 2-I

Year 1 1-IV begins with the first number & glyph of the 52-year cycle (1-13 by IV, IX, XIV, XIX)

Year 2 2-IX begins on
Saturday Day 0 Month 0 3-XI
New Moon
this marks the beginning of associating lunations with years over longer peroids

Year 12 12-XIX begins on
Saturday Day 0 Month 0 1-I
the first day of the 13-XX calendar

~Year 17,640 12-IV begins on
Saturday Day 0 Month 0 1-VI
The Sun enters Aries

Year 8~XIV Month 0

19 December 2007

The first of 260 Weeks counting down to Dec 21st 2012.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

13 Months & 12 Lunations of Year 8~XIV