theAbysmal Rap-Up

6 August 2007

what was the past year and a half about anyway???

this project, which had begun December 21st 2006 as a project to develop a calendar to replace the Gregorian as the International Standard, however, in the process of unearthing facts, tales and speculations on the subject, much more has emerged.
theAbysmal reform calendar project.

the I Ching & tao form a foundational ideology by which to consider universal patterns of development & becoming.

theAbysmal I Ching & tao

the recipes accumulated here developed from a lack of creative vegetarian & vegan recipes – there’s only so much slop on rice that one’s palate can entertain. Hopefully, they inspire further experimentation.

theAbysmal Recipes

theAbysmal project will continue… elsewhere
the ultimate goal is to intentionally embrace the nascent culture of Relativity…

and to make New Year’s worth celebrating with unusual verve…