December 21st 2012 an updated implementation

Decmber 21st 2013 CE and 2014 CE to boot.

theAbysmal Calendar‘s replacement of the Gregorian Calendar has the following schedule

Gregorian: Thursday, December 20th, 2012 CE followed by


Zero Day – synchronise your Calendars

Friday, December 21st, 2012 CE

12 Kiahk 1729

Julian Date:
2 456 283

Unix Time Code:
1 356 149 460

Day 8

December 8th, 2012

Hebrew (Jewish)
8th of Tevet, 5773

Islamic (Hijra)
7 Safar 1434 AH

Year of the Metal Rabbit
Lunar Month 11 Day 9

Persian (Jalali)
Jomeh, Dey 1, 1391

Mayan:, 2-Etznab, 1-K’ank’in, G7

Rhythmic Moon Day 9
Year of the Blue Resonant Storm
Kin 207

Setting Orange, the Aftermath 63, Year of Our Lady of Discord 3178

theAbysmal Year from theAbysmal Day, equivalent to Friday December 21st 2012 CE to Day 364 equivalent to Friday December 20th 2013 CE has only Weekday designations, without Months.

theAbysmal Day – Friday December 21st 2012 CE – has no other designation, and represents 0 on the chronological count of days.
theAbysmal Year – from Friday December 21st 2012 CE to Friday December 20th 2013 CE – the Days are designated by numbers from 0 to 364 and the continuous cycle of 7 Weekdays.

Sunspot Cycle 24, begun near August 23rd 2006 CE (the date of the New Moon), reaches its peak in 2012 CE to 2013 CE, ending in 2017 CE or 2018 CE.

Also, the 360-Day Calendar

Saturday December 21st 2013 CE becomes an unnumbered Intercalary Day
Sunday December 22nd 2013 CE becomes Sunday Day 0 Month 0 Year 1

Sunday Day 0 Month 0 Year 2 (equivalent to December 22nd 2014 CE)
coincides with the New Moon. This designates the beginning of the Metonic Cycle of 19 Solar Years to 235 Lunations.

260-Day Calendar (1-12 by I-XX)
begins with Day 1-I equivalent to Day 351 of Year 0 (December 7th 2013 CE)

Typically, the Year bears the same designation of number and glyph as its first Day. TheAbysmal Calendar uses the last Day of one Year to designate the next Year.

Thus, 1-XIV, the last Day of Year 0 provides Year 1 with the additional designation of 1-XIV. This becomes useful when one considers the 52-Year Cycles intrinsic in the interactivity of the Calendars, represented numerologically by the number 13 66 560.

360-Day Calendar (20 x 18 + 5)
begins Day 120 of Year 0 (April 20th 2013 CE)

5 Responses to December 21st 2012 an updated implementation

  1. claymeclay says:

    thanks for leaving this on my blog. It’s some deep stuff that will take me some moments to digest but I love it.

  2. TheGirl says:

    Thanx for that information. Now l can stop worrying alot.

  3. NATO SIS says: = 85

    3+10+10+8+9 = 40

    All 4 Nothing.

  4. NATO SIS says:

    Apparently at 00:00:36 hours on the morning of the 21st now.

    3 + 6 = 9 as it started with the Council of Nine or Great Ennead of Egypt.

    3 x 6 = 1 + 8 corresponding with the letters A and H (Also 9)

    And 3 x 6 as 666 and the mark of the beast.

    Adding 999 to 666 we get 15 15 15 corresponding with the letter O O O.

    (Incidentally 69 69 69)(The 6 and the 9 representing two spermatoza.)

    This gives OOO – or -ooo – or – 000 which may be considered to be the same.

    So nO father, nO son, and nO holy ghost, and the chemical symbol for ozone O³


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